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This book contains a summary of information regarding residency restrictions. Links to the full reports, articles, etc. are located below.

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1.  Does the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center Support Laws that Prohibit Sex Offenders from Living within a Certain Distance from Schools, Parks, or Daycare Centers?: Statement from the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center

2.  Sexual Offender Residence Restrictions: Statement from the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

3.  California Coalition Against Sexual Assault: Statement Concerning Jessica’s Law

4.  The Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute Opposes California’s Prop. 83: Statement from the Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute

5.  Statements of Opposition to Connecticut Legislative Bill 6643, April 4, 2011 Judiciary Hearing: Joseph Haggan, Dr. Randall Wallace, Fanol Bojka, Anna Doroghazi, Sandra Staub, Deborah Del Prete Sullivan

6.  CONNSACS Connection Newsletter: Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services, Inc.

7.  Sex Offender Management: Policy Statement from Day One

8.  2010 Legislative Wrap-Up and Failed Bills Relating to Sexual Violence: Statements from the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence

9.  Iowa County Attorneys Association: Statement on Sex Offender Residency Restrictions in Iowa

10.  Sex Offender Housing Restrictions: Statement from the Kansas Department of Corrections

11.  Community Management of Convicted Sex Offenders: Registration, Electronic Monitoring, Civil Commitment, Mandatory Minimums, and Residency Restrictions: Policy Statement from the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence

12.  Sex Offender Residency Restrictions: Position Statement from the National Association of Social Workers, Iowa Chapter

13.  Legislative Memo: Amending the Correction Law, in Relation to the Residence of a Sex Offender: Statement from the New York ACLU

14.  Letter of Opposition to Sex Offender Residency Requirement Bill S1300 and Sex Offenders and Residency Restrictions: Statements from the New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault

15.  Residency Restrictions for Sexual Abusers: Position Statement from the Oklahoma Coalition for Sex Offender Management

16.  Drawing the Line on Residency Restrictions: Statement from the Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center

17.  Sex Offender Residency Restrictions Harm Public Safety: Statement from the Law Office of the Southern Center for Human Rights

18.  Stop It Now Online Help Center: Position Statement from Website

19.  The Dangerous and Unintended Consequences of Jessica’s Law: Statement from the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

20.  Why Sex Offender Residency Restrictions are a Bad Idea: Statement from the ACLU of Vermont

21.  J.C. Barnes: Implications of Residence Restrictions on Sex Offender Housing: Place a Moratorium on the Passage of Sex Offender Residence Restriction Laws (2011)

22.  Keri B. Burchfield: Implications of Residence Restrictions on Sex Offender Housing: Residence Restrictions (2011)

23.  California Sex Offender Management Board: Homelessness Among California’s Registered Sex Offenders, An Update: Reconsidering California’s Sex Offender Residence Restriction Policies (2011)

24.  Civic Research Institute: Handbook of Sex Offender Treatment (2011)

25.  Kelly M. Socia: Residence Restriction Legislation, Sex Crime Rates, and the Spacial Distribution of Sex Offender Residences (2011)

26.  Kelly M. Socia: The Efficacy of County-Level Sex Offender Residence Restrictions in New York (2011)

27.  Catherine Wagner: The Good Left Undone: How to Stop Sex Offender Laws from Causing Unnecessary Harm at the Expense of Effectiveness (2011)

28.  Kansas Joint Committees: Report of the Joint Committee on Corrections and Juvenile Justice Oversight to the 2011 Kansas Legislature (2010)

29.  Melissa Hamilton: Public Safety, Individual Liberty, and Suspect Science: Future Dangerousness Assessments and Sex Offender Laws (2011)

30.  The Council of State Governments: Sex Offender Management Policy in the States: Strengthening Policy & Practice, Final Report (2010)

31.  Rachel J. Rodriguez: The Sex Offender Under the Bridge: Has Megan’s Law Run Amok? (2010)

32.  Richard Tewksbury, Travis Humkey: Prohibiting Registered Sex Offenders from Being at School: Assessing the Collateral Consequences of a Public Policy (2010)

33.  California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: Sex Offender Supervision and GPS Monitoring Task Force

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37.  Catherine L. Carpenter: Legislative Epidemics: A Cautionary Tale of Criminal Laws that have Swept the Country (2010)

38.  A. L. Datz: Sex Offender Residency Restrictions and Other Sex Offender Management Strategies: The Probation Officer Perspective in Florida (2010)

39.  Joseph J. Fischel: Transcendent Homosexuals and Dangerous Sex Offenders: Sexual Harm and Freedom in the Judicial Imaginary (2010)

40.  New York State Senate: Standing Committee on Crime Victims, Crime, and Corrections (2009-2010)

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43.  Colorado Sex Offender Management Board: White Paper on the Use of Residence Restrictions as a Sex Offender Management Strategy (2009)

44.  Samantha Dawn Beecher: An Assessment of Proposed Sex Offender Mobility and Residency Restrictions in Nevada (2009)

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